Why Daniel Shimizu Retired From Pro Skating

Daniel Shimizu retired his board on Heroin a year-and-a-half ago with no future plans. After taking on a series of odd jobs, he landed on his feet, and is currently doing sales for FA and Hockey. Shimizu talks about why he decided to step away from the pro skateboarder life starting at the 51:00 mark of his new interview with The Nine Club.

I was getting over it. I got to be really horrible at skating in front of people. It turned into a crippling anxiety that I had to skate in front of people. It turned into feeling like a job; and I wasn’t really with that. It’s something that you love and grew up with; and it takes you to this dark place. Some people love it. I could not deal with it.

For more on Shimizu’s career, watch the entire interview above.

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