Tony Ferguson Talks Working With Kanye West on The Nine Club

You’re likely familiar with Tony Ferguson’s career trajectory from being one of Girl’s original pros through developing Alife’s shoe program, and now doing his Rone brand. But there is a little-known project with Kanye West on Ferguson’s resume that most are not aware of. He breaks it down at the 44:45 of the latest episode of The Nine Club.

I had this friend [with a factory] in Korea. So we would bring friend’s brands there. I actually helped Kanye with that Pastel line. I helped develop it, and do it there. It never came out.

This guy I know in Canada, Matt George, he was running that at the time. He’s actually back at Yeezy again. He was like, “We need a factory; we need to make these shoes.” I was there. So I was helping them do it; and that was cool to see that creative process.

Watch the entire interview above.

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