Tobin Yelland to Release Andy Roy Book, & Greg Hunt & Jerry Hsu Collaboration

Hot on the heels of his work with Brixton, and his collaboration with Aaron Rose on the Hamburger Eyes documentary, Tobin Yelland has his sights set on releasing a couple of books. The first is about Andy Roy, and should be amazing for obvious reasons. The second is a collaboration with Greg Hunt and Jerry Hsu, and focuses on first skate trips. Yelland sheds some light on both projects in a new interview published by SOLO this morning.

When will your book come out?

It’s just work in progress.

Will it be a selection of all your work?

I’m doing a couple different things. One is a book on Andy Roy.

Oh I’ll buy that one.

Yeah, it will be interesting. He is a character. It will be a lot of different things to look at, and just a lot of visual stimulation. And the other one I’m doing with Greg Hunt and Jerry Hsu. It’s on first skate trips. That’s gonna be fun, too. It’s a little window into just beginning taking pictures.

Read the full interview here.

Image Via Stefan Schwinghammer