Tom Knox Reveals More About His Upcoming Video Part

Tom Knox is known for his expansive street lines. So his new interview with Farran Golding for Slam City exploring lines that have influenced his skating is quite informative. Knox also provides a bit more insight into his upcoming project with Jacob Harris that should be seeing the light of day soon.

Well, it’d be remiss not to close this out by asking if you can share anything about this part you’ve got in the works?

Absolutely. Me and Jake have been trying to do a part together for a little while. Injuries got in the way at the beginning but over the last year or so we’ve been linking up and trying to film. We’re getting there now.

With the lockdown I’ve been a bit stressed because my missus works in the NHS. Now it’s mellowed a little, we’re getting out where we can. It’s exciting.

Now more than ever I’m appreciating the time I get to spend with Jake. For a while I was travelling so much, and so was he, that we never really hung out. Lots of the time in our social circle we only hang out through skateboarding which is essentially our job. We go out filming which is essentially work. If I’m not doing that then I find it hard to hang out with people because I’ve got to take care of the kids and all that. So I’ve really been enjoying filming this part, it’s been lovely. I’ve been trying hard. Hopefully people like it.

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Image Via Henry Kingsford