Here’s Another Reason Why We’re Going to Miss Transworld Magazine

While digital media is great for many things, it hasn’t found a way to mimic the feeling of holding a magazine in your hands and examining every tiny detail of a photo. Transworld’s final issue features a set of images captured by Anthony Acosta in Los Angeles that remind us of how much we’re going to miss the print edition of the magazine. Read Acosta’s description that accompanies the above Guy Mariano photo below, and head over to Transworld’s website to view the full set.

With downtown LA’s ever-changing landscape, new spots are constantly coming and going. Guy is a perfect example of someone that is always on top of the new spots that pop up. He really does his homework on spots and goes out on reconnaissance missions to see if the spot is good or not and to find out the best time of the day to come back. He knows what spots look good for photos and always has a rad idea ready when I’m fortunate enough to link up with him. He’s not selfish either, he’s provided many spots for other pros in the past as well!

Image Via Anthony Acosta / Transworld