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UPDATE: Tyshawn Jones Wins 2018 Skater of the Year



Supreme’s “BLESSED” dropped on iTunes this morning. The follow-up to 2014’s “cherry” does not disappoint, and should be watched in its entirety by anyone who follows skate culture. Our only question after viewing it is will Tyshawn Jones’s effort secure his spot as this year’s SOTY? 2018 was a great year for videos, and there were many standout parts. But after watching what Tyshawn put together, and considering that in the context of the battles with security guards, spots, etc that he had to go through to do so; we think that he’s more than deserving of this year’s trophy. Watch the video for yourself. Then, head over to Thrasher to cast your vote.

UPDATE 12.15.18: Bill Strobeck posted a video that shows a bit of Tyshawn’s speech. Swipe right below to check it out. It’s definitely a moment that skateboarding will never forget.


UPDATE 12.15.18: Photos have been circulating on Instagram of Tyshawn’s acceptance of the 2018 SOTY trophy at Thrasher’s annual celebration. Judging from the images, it looks like the speech was an emotional one. We’ll update when the video surfaces.

UPDATE 12.03.18: It’s official. Thrasher just crowned Tyshawn Jones the 2018 Skater of the Year. This is definitely well-deserved! Have a look at the announcement from Jake Phelps below.

UPDATE 11.26.18: This nearly three-minute edit of Tyshawn murdering trashcans at T.F. West released by Thrasher this afternoon certainly strengthens the case. Check it out below.

Image Via Thrasher


Skater XL Drops 2022 Skatepark of Tampa Pro Course



Are you stoked for the 28th Annual 2022 Tampa Pro Contest?

So are we!

In the meantime, check out the game Skater XL‘s new map drop of the freshly updated 2022 Skatepark Of Tampa Pro Course featuring the original work of skate artist Lucas Beaufort.

It’s now available on the mod browser for all platforms.

Catch a glimpse of the course IRL in @lucas_beaufort Instagram post below.

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Meet the 2022 USA Skateboarding National Team



USA Skateboarding just announced the members of the 2022 USA Skateboarding National Team.

The crew members were chosen based on performance in international level events the year before their selection.

The team is led by Andrew Nicolaus, Men’s Head Coach; Alexis Sablone, Women’s Head Coach; and Mimi Knoop, High-Performance Director.

The skaters named to the 2022 USA Skateboarding National Team include:

Women’s Park

  • Bryce Wettstein
  • Jordan Santana
  • Jordyn Barratt
  • Minna Stess

Women’s Street

  • Mariah Duran
  • Paige Heyn
  • Poe Pinson
  • Samarria Brevard

Men’s Park

  • Cory Juneau
  • Gavin Bottger
  • Heimana Reynolds
  • Zion Wright

Men’s Street

  • Dashawn Jordan
  • Jagger Eaton
  • Jake Ilardi
  • Nyjah Huston

Team USA earned two bronzes from Cory Juneau (Park) and Jagger Eaton (Street) during its Olympic debut at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Alexis Sablone made it to the Olympic Street finals placing fourth while Bryce Wettstein earned sixth place for Women’s Park.

In all, nine Skateboarding Olympians will return to the 2022 national team.

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Watch ‘TUANY’ Skate Video Featuring Sebastien Cao and Theo Meas



Watch Sebastien Cao and Theo Meas as they shred in the streets of South America.

The video was filmed during three months of backpacking from Mexico to Costa Rica, crossing Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Making it even more impressive (and a reason needs to come calling), “TUANY” was entirely filmed, edited, and animated using an iPhone with Theo and Sebastien doing the editing themselves (and some of the filming too).

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