UPDATE: Tyshawn Jones Graces the Cover of Thrasher Amidst SOTY Rumors

Tyshawn Jones just hit a milestone in his career by getting his first Thrasher cover. This comes two years after Jones got his debut magazine cover from Transworld. With Supreme’s “BLESSED” expected to drop any day now, this fuels the rumor that Tyshawn will be this year’s Skater of the Year. Time will tell if this proves to be true or not. For now, have a look at Tyshawn and his latest accolade below.

UPDATE 11.11.18: Thrasher just posted the video of Bill Strobeck surprising Tyshawn fresh off the plane from L.A. with his new cover. The reaction will definitely make you smile. With “BLESSED” set to premiere this week, this seems like a bit of SOTY foreshadowing to us. However it all plays out, as TJ says in the video, “Shit’s lit!”

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Congratulations Tyshawn.

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