Highsnobiety Examines the Bulky Shoe Craze’s Roots in Skate Footwear

There’s no denying that bulky shoes are back in 2018. From appropriated fashion designs to rereleases of classic models, what was up until very recently deemed archaic is becoming a new staple in footwear. And, as is the case with many things, the roots of the style can be traced directly back to skateboarding. Highsnobiety delves into the topic in an in-depth piece written by Anthony Pappalardo that includes key insights from éS’ Don Brown, Osiris co-founder Brian Reid, and others.

Rather than being cynical about it, [Don] Brown is enjoying his brands’ growing influence. “High-fashion brands have been really pushing the bulkier styles, with strong inspiration from technical skate pioneers éS and etnies,” he says. “I’m loving the creativity I’m seeing with Balenciaga, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dior; éS specifically gets tagged when someone posts their shoes, as they see similarities to what we created 20-plus years ago — pretty amazing that people associate our design with such prestigious brands.”

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Image Via éS