Six Stair Remembers Grosso & Talks Future of ‘Loveletters’

VHS sat down for an extensive conversation with Rick Charnoski and Buddy Nichols while they were in Japan shooting what would be the final episode of Loveletters to Skateboarding. The release of the Q&A was delayed for over a year due to Grosso’s untimely passing. Published this morning, the interview gives a nice history of how the series came to be, and contains an addendum that sheds some light on its future now that the show’s protagonist is no longer with us.

V: Grosso has touched so many people through his skating and the Letters. What do you think is the legacy that he has left behind for the younger generations?

R: I think he will be remembered for his honesty and his ability to communicate an idea that people can relate to; skaters and non-skaters alike. He was good with summing things up but also always open to broadening the discussion with new opinions and ideas. I think the Letters will be watched for a long time. People like Grosso have a long shelf life.

B: Well… I hope his legacy will be for everyone to take a minute to stop and remember how amazing skateboarding is. I mean for the real skateboarders of the world, all of us who live for it every day, who have grown up in it and become part of it, to stop and think every once in a while about how cool it is… and then to make sure you do something to make sure that some other kids coming up get to experience what we all have. Make sure that more young girls get access to skating, more kids who might not have anything else get to skate, queer kids, poor kids, etc spreading skateboarding all over.

V: We’re all hoping that someone could carry on the torch and continue the Letters. Any possibility?

R: A Loveletters book and a Grosso film would be my two top picks but that’s just me thinking out loud… to the internet. I’m sure we’ll figure something out but continuing with the Letters is tough to imagine.

B: There are a few ideas being floated around… there are definitely a bunch more stories to tell…

Head over to VHS to read the entire piece.

Image Via Yoshiro Higai