UPDATE: ‘Baker 4’ Is Now Officially Online, Watch It if You Haven’t Already

As of tomorrow, we’re exactly one week away from the release date for Baker 4. Spanky posted an early report on IG last night that suggests that the Boss and company are sitting on another classic. Will this video sway this year’s SOTY race? Will it release online on the 29th? We don’t have the answers as of yet; but we’ll certainly be updating this space as things are revealed over the course of the next week. Stay tuned. 

UPDATE 11.29.19: If you’re the type of person that is scared of catching computer AIDS via an illegal download, and don’t want a porn site in your browser history, we totally understand and respect that. We’ve embedded the official Thrasher link above for your viewing pleasure.

UPDATE 11.24.19: If you’re absolutely going to lose your shit while waiting for the video to release on Friday, there are illegal download links up in the Slap forum, and a NSFW streaming link is available here. Skatevideosite.com has the soundtrack posted already for all of our fellow music nerds out there as well. Our mini review is that this is classic Baker; Spanky has our favorite part; and Figgy and Baca have legitimate shots at taking home SOTY. We’ll update again when a sanctioned link is available.

UPDATE 11.22.29: It looks like the video premiered at the Orpheum in Los Angeles last night. This adds some weight to the assertion that it will drop online next week.

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