Yuto Horigome Has Sights Set on Olympics & New Street Part in 2020

Over the past couple of years, Yuto Horigome has gone from international outlier to household name. His Nike SB coverage, going pro for April, and winning numerous high-profile contests aided the transition. Now, at just 21, he’s on the forefront of skateboarding’s current generation. If you’re wondering what’s next, Horigome breaks it down in a new interview with VHS Mag. His goals for 2020 and 2021 include: getting an American drivers license, skating in the Olympics, and completing a new street part that he’s going to put in motion after contest season.

V: Did you get your driver’s license?

H: Well, I failed the test three times… (laughs). I failed the first time because I didn’t practice at all. That’s understandable but the second time I practiced so much. I checked the car and when I was about to start, battery ran out. So I couldn’t take the test and had to wait for two months to take the third one. I prepared for the test but… I didn’t pass (laughs).

V: Okay, anything you want to achieve through skating?

H: This is a goal but the Olympics… Well, at first I wasn’t really interested but there’s a chance that I can skate in it. I also have sponsors that support me so now I really want to skate in the Olympics and do my best. And the fact that it will be held in my hometown Tokyo is a big thing. I’m looking forward to it. Plus I want to have an awesome video part filmed in the street. It’d be hard this year but definitely hoping to get it out next year.

Head over to VHS to read the entire piece.

Image Via Nike SB