Learn the History Behind Bobshirt in New Slam City Interview

Tim Anderson has been getting a lot of coverage lately. This is well-deserved considering he’s been dropping gems online via his Bobshirt platform for roughly 15 years now. Slam City released a new interview with Anderson today that does a good job of not only telling the history of the site, but the guy behind it as well. The below Gino story is priceless.

Can you remember the first time you saw Gino out in the wild?

Yeah, he showed up at Home Depot one night. We would skate there all the time and it was late, it was probably 11 o’clock at night and he hopped out of a car. “That’s the guy!” He had this red Polo fleece on and he just started ripping right away. It was so random. When he came back to Long Island back in those days, he wouldn’t skate that much, I think. He would if he was getting a photo or filming something, but he wouldn’t be casually skating.

Head over to Slam City to read the entire piece.

Image Via Sarah Anderson / Slam City