Alyasha Owerka-Moore Releases Designs for Charity

From the early days of SHUT through DC Shoes, A.D.I., and Alphanumeric, Alyasha Owerka-Moore helped define skateboarding’s look during the ‘90s golden era. And his seminal work helped birth the streetwear culture that has taken over high fashion in recent years. The Brooklyn native currently resides in San Diego, and is still designing. His latest collection released via Autotype Design Club is titled PEACE. The acronym stands for Please Educate All Children Equally, and is particularly poignant in our current moment as school districts debate how to handle the COVID-19 crisis. 100% of the proceeds from sales are being donated to STOKED, a non-profit that’s utilizing actions sports to benefit under-served youth. The collection is available now for prices ranging from $35 – $65.

Image Via Autotype Design Club