UPDATE: Virgil Abloh Designs a Limited DGK Deck

In more DGK news, Stevie Williams took to Instagram this afternoon to unveil a limited-edition DGK deck designed by Virgil Abloh. Everyone was riled up about what appeared to be Virgil labeling a picture of Shiloh Greathouse as Stevie in his “Figures of Speech” exhibition last year. But there was clearly no animosity as evidenced by Stevie’s repeated appearances skating in the Off-White Dunk. This new collab is the icing on the cake. No word on when these are dropping; but collectors will certainly be keeping an eye out.

UPDATE 07.23.20: More details about the DGK X Virgil Abloh collab have emerged since we broke this story last week. The decks will be limited to 100 pieces, and will retail for $79.99 via DGK’s website on August 1. All of the proceeds will go to DGK’s Saved By Skateboarding charity. Have a look at additional images below.

Images Via DGK