Andrew Reynolds Says ‘Baker 4’ Is Releasing in November

Like it or not, summer is winding down. You’ve got one more month to accomplish whatever is on your bucket list for 2019’s warm-weather season. One thing you won’t be doing is checking out Baker 4. Andrew Reynolds puts an official November release date on his brand’s latest offering in a new interview with Quartersnacks.

Are you editing Baker 4?

Yeah. I don’t really like editing is the problem, but it’s kind of like raising a kid: you have to. You don’t really have a choice. I can’t trust anyone else to make it the way I want. Sitting at the computer and going through footage is really not my favorite thing, but I’m going to do it. Baker’s been around for 20 years, so there have been years when I’ve been more involved than others, but there have been times when I let other people do stuff, even for Instagram, and I hate it. I only like the stuff I sat and made myself. This video is a whole different thing with all the older guys and a lot of new ones. I gotta make it right. The footage is sick and it’s got a lot of funny moments.

When’s it out?

November. That’s the word. So I’m gonna try and wrap it up by then. It never ends.

Perfectly timed for SOTY season.

Image via Dave Swift