Fred Gall Talks Semi-Retirement in New Chrome Ball Interview

Fred Gall has had one of the most fabled careers in skateboarding. He isn’t necessarily retiring as he still has a pro board out; but he has taken on a regular nine-to-five job, and doesn’t consider skateboarding his main gig anymore. He breaks it all down in a new interview with the Chrome Ball Incident.

I saw your Alien reissue. With everything you’re saying, is that a retirement board?

No, it’s not a retirement board. I’m still totally cool with them. If they want to put out boards with my name on it, I’m fine with that. And if they want to send me somewhere, go for it. But I’m not really expecting anything.

It’s weird. It’s like, I guess I’m still pro because I have a board out. I still shoot photos whenever I get the chance. If I can ever get Mehring out here, I have a bunch of shit lined up. I want to shoot all that. But skateboarding just isn’t my job anymore. I have a real job now.

Head over to Chrome Ball to read the entire piece.

Image Via Skate Jawn