Antwuan Dixon Teases Upcoming Clothing Brand Called N14

Antwuan Dixon’s ups and downs have been well-documented. Over the past couple of years, he seems to have gotten himself on the the path towards realizing his potential as a professional skateboarder. Antwuan is continuing on that note in 2019 as evidenced by his very introspective post on Instagram this morning that teases an upcoming clothing brand called N14. The details are a little scarce currently. But we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Twuan’s new project as it develops. Check out his post below.

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I'll start by apologizing for unapologetically being myself at times, sometimes it works for the better and sometimes for the worse. There is no excuse for something's I've done in the past but I need everyone to understand that my life isn't easy. I was catapulted into the spotlight at 15 yrs old, The world got to know Antwuan Dixon before I actually knew who I was myself. I've done a lot of good things to go with the bad but somehow the camera is never on those moments. I've lived more of my career with people waiting for me to fuck up then actually being on my side. It always seems like people always have the best advice from the other side of the keyboard but dont know me or what I've been through personally. I've lost some of the closest people to me up to this point, people I've dreamed of sharing my success with. Skateboarding was always my getaway from all that and whether it was something said or done that triggered me, I've always had a lot on my mind and sometimes I react to that, just like you guys IM HUMAN. Though shit still effects me at times, I'm older, wiser and able to look back at things with a different perspective , so with that being said Let's get back to regularly scheduled programming and these succes stories @n14clothing

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