Atiba Jefferson Talks ‘Chomp on This’ in Latest Chrome Ball Interview

We were excited to see Chomp on This hit Instagram at the start of the year. The video was definitely a precursor to a new format that would become prevalent 20 years later. Boys of Summer could be considered the evolution of what Chomp started. Atiba Jefferson was a part of both projects, and reflects on the origin of the genre in the latest interview from The Chrome Ball Incident.

Honestly, we really didn’t work on it for all that long. If you run it back, I’m pretty sure that it was under a year. We were on this Girl trip to Miami with Eric and McCrank and it just so happened that both Ty and I got some clips. Someone threw out the idea that we should make a video and next thing I know, Ty’s hyped on it and we’re making a video!

But not much time went into because it was a joke, you know? We never thought that anybody was actually going to care. Because this was pre-internet, pre-YouTube… videos were so much more work back then. You had marketing and advertising to think about because there was no such thing as a viral video yet. You had to do all these things in order to have a video that people would actually see and we weren’t doing any of that. We were just making a video! So we never expected it to do anything close to what it did, whatsoever.

I mean, it came out on VHS! Not even DVD yet, that’s how old it is! Next year will be 20 years! It’s hilarious. And that’s Figgy’s first video! Figgy made his debut in, of all things, Chomp On This!… Sorry, man. That was not our intention. (laughs) 

In addition to the Chomp nostalgia, the interview runs through the stories behind many of Atiba’s iconic photos along with scans of the images. Head over to Chrome Ball for a serious trip down memory lane.

Image Via The Chrome Ball Incident