Bill Strobeck Talks Potential Scripted Movie for Supreme

There have been quite a few Bill Strobeck interviews lately. His latest with 032c covers some untouched ground. Specifically, what’s next now that “BLESSED” is done. While it’s no secret that Stobeck has ambitions to make a more traditional film, he sheds some light on what this project might look like in this latest Q&A.

Do you want to move into something outside of skate films? Do a scripted thing?

I would love to, but I think a part of me has a wall up. I know I can make a film. I will do it when the time’s right. Maybe a good start would be something scripted with these kids, but without as much skating. I haven’t done anything scripted. All that shit in the videos is real, which is cool, because it almost seems scripted. I’ve just gotta try it, but I have this fear, like, “Oh man, after “BLESSED” he made that fucking corny thing.” I hope I wouldn’t make something corny – I would know enough to not put something out. I think there’s room to do something for Supreme that’s scripted and with these kids. Supreme doesn’t need to do a skate thing. I’m just gonna roll with the punches.

Do you know which direction you’d go in?

I’ve been watching a lot of 1980s John Hughes – like The Breakfast Club. There’s nothing like that kind of feel anymore. I don’t know. I want it to be original. I don’t want to take influences from other people. I’ve got ideas. It’s the easiest thing for me. Like I said, I was an only child with no parents really. I was home a lot and my imagination is so big. Growing up, I knew I could think up stuff. It was almost like, I felt magic. I’m a Pisces too. We’re daydreamers.

Considering Na-Kel Smith’s acting chops in Mid90s, a scripted Supreme film might not be too big of a stretch. They certainly have the funding to do it.

Image Via Jessee Lizotte