Bill Strobeck Reveals Jay Z Signed Off on Tyshawn Jones’s “BLESSED” Part

Bill Strobeck sits down for an in-depth post-“BLESSED” interview on the latest episode of The Bunt. Many topics relevant to the past, present, and future of Strobeck’s career are covered. And an interesting factoid involving Jay Z is revealed at 1:02:51 during the discussion about securing music rights for the film.

Jay Z watched Tyshawn, the last trick of his part, to that song. From basically where Sean [Pablo] is holding up the Dylan shirt to Tyshawn running around the corner. Jay Z watched that, and signed off on it. He’s like, “I’m down.”

The use of Jay’s “Hova Song” over Tyshawn’s outro definitely punctuated his current status as skateboarding’s King of New York, and foreshadowed his 2018 SOTY win. The fact that Jigga himself watched it and approved is the stuff that legends are made of.

Listen to the rest of The Bunt’s conversation with Strobeck above.