UPDATE: Kareem Campbell Is Officially Back in Axion

10 years ago, someone bought the freshly-expired Axion trademark, and attempted to relaunch the brand without Kareem Campbell’s knowledge. Despite its best effort to rekindle the magic, and recruiting a team that included: Manny Santiago, Kevin Taylor, and Brian Wenning for a quick second; the reboot failed miserably. Given how much of a shit show 2020 has been thus far, it makes sense that history is repeating itself this year. We’re just hoping that Reem got paid. Follow the latest iteration on Instagram and the web starting on October 15.

UPDATE 10.16.20: Well, it appears that the big reveal here is that Kareem is actually involved with the Axion reboot this time around. This went from zero to 100 real quick, right? The pictures say it all. Welcome back!

Images Via Axion