You Won’t Believe What Went Down at Bam Margera’s House Party

A couple of weeks ago, Bam Margera threw a house party at Castle Bam. We’re not sure of the occasion. The property was slated to be posted on Airbnb earlier this year. We’re assuming it may be going up for sale based on this footage. It certainly looks like a moving party.

Margera’s soiree proves that the new generation has nothing on the OGs when it comes to raging. This looks like a cross between the Dime Glory Challenge mixed with a Nyjah Huston house party set in some dystopian future after civilization as we know it has ended.

What can we say? Danny Way breaks shit. Bam’s wife partakes in NSFW speaker diving. Andy Roy rocks out front row to Freeway and Beanie Sigel. And the list goes on and on.

Tune into another level of craze above.