With ‘Baker 4’ on the Way, Dustin Dollin Reveals Baker’s Editing Process

While he’s primarily known for his skating and general hijinks, Dustin Dollin is also an accomplished filmer and editor. He played an integral role in the production of classics including: Baker 3 [2005] and Shake Junt’s Chicken Bone Nowison [2011].

Dollin is currently working with Beagle and Andrew Reynolds on Baker 4, which is due out in late 2019. He explains the process behind the brand’s signature editing style at the 2:14:49 mark of the latest episode of The Nine Club.

The aesthetic and genuineness is kind of harder to do these days when you have new riders. What Andrew [Reynolds] does is picks the riders that have the characteristics that the old ones had, for Beagle to find, for me to filter out with Beagle, and for Andrew to clean. It’s like a car wash where you find the white walls weren’t actually there in the first place. But now, they’re there.

Watch the entire interview above.

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