UPDATE: Watch the Ben Raemers Foundation’s ‘SMiLe’ Interviews

In the wake of Ben Raemers’s tragic passing in May 2019, the Ben Ramers Foundation was created to bring awareness to mental health issues that are often stigmatized by society. One of the nonprofit’s initiatives is SMiLe—a short film that consists of a series of interviews with pro skaters about their own struggles with mental stability. The premiere screening will take place on February 6 at Rich Mix in London. Have a look at the trailer’s featuring Aaron Herrington and Nick Jensen below. We’ll update with information on the wide release of the film when more information becomes available.

UPDATE 03.16.20: Aaron Herrington’s SMiLe interview was released earlier today. It’s a cautionary tale about the darker side of the party lifestyle that’s embedded in skate culture, and the effects that can have on your body and mental health. Listen and learn above.

UPDATE 02.10.20: Following last Thursday’s screening, the SMiLe interviews are being released online starting with Nick Jensen. We’ll continue to update this post as more become available for streaming. You can also watch the full Q&A that took place after the premiere via The Ben Raemers Foundation’s YouTube channel. Watch Jensen’s interview above.