Bill Strobeck Talks “BLESSED” & Supreme Announces Release Date

As you’ve probably heard by now, Supreme’s “BLESSED” will be premiering in New York tomorrow night. Bill Strobeck gives an insider’s perspective on what to expect via an interview released by Quartersnacks today. Most interesting is his insight into how it relates to “cherry” [2014].

Did you have any sort of inner dilemma about needing to make this video different than “cherry” was?

This was so much not like “cherry.” I was more into giving the viewer a sense of being with us, in a way. Watching skate videos, especially nowadays because they’re pumping them out so quick, you just see trick, trick, trick, right? And if you’re someone who wasn’t there, you don’t know how much shit has gone into trying to get one of these things for the video — just one. I want to show that there was something a little more than just trick, trick, trick, trick, trick, alright, video done. Look at Questionable. There’s other things in those videos that are like, Carroll at the end credits bleaching his hair and eyebrows. That shit is important.

Supreme also announced today that “BLESSED” will be released on November 23. Watch the latest Instagram trailer below.

Image Via Jenkem