Brian Lotti Interviews Nick Collerson for Monster Children

Brian Lotti sits down with fellow skateboarder and artist Nick Collerson for Monster Children’s latest interview. Collerson is a Sydney-based painter that Lotti introduces as a “rare artistic satellites who swings happily in his own ever-changing orbit, producing wryly humorous and enigmatic paintings that reference daily life in their reach to probe the nature of the universe.” 

While the conversation focuses on fine art, Lotti manages to slip a bit of skate talk into the mix as well.

Do you remember where you were when you learned switch tre-flips?

Yeah, I remember where I was. I was skating and living in Brisbane, in a suburb called Indooroopilly, which is an indigenous name which means ‘Valley of the Leeches’ or something like that (laughs). I was just skating under my house. There was a car park and I was just really into the tricks. I’d been skating through the 80s, but it was in the early 90s that I learned them.

Do you remember what year that was?

It would have been 1993 or 1994. I was aware of tricks and switch being a thing, and I was just nerding out and learning as much as I could; so, I learned switch 360 flips. I think I learned nollie ones first because you have a bit of leverage with the nollie, and then I learned switch ones as well.

Check out a few of Collerson’s paintings below, and head over to Monster Children to read more about his work.

Images Via Monster Children