UPDATE: Washington D.C.’s Bureau Releases ‘Debrief’ Online

If you’re a fan of Pulaski park, then you are should be excited to know that Bureau is dropping a new video next month. With parts from Jeremy Murray, Tyler Horton, and Kevin Augustine, this looks like it’s going to do D.C.’s history justice through showcasing some of the guys that are at the forefront of the city’s current generation. Watch the trailer for Debrief below. It’s set to release on April 8.

UPDATE 04.08.20: Debrief premiered via Transworld this morning, and it’s everything that we anticipated it would be. Brad Rosado works his magic in this concise three-and-a-half minute edit that we’ll likely have on repeat all weekend. And that new RTJ track was an excellent choice. Pulaski stand up!

Image Via Bureau