UPDATE: Jimmy Pelletier Delves into D.C.’s History on Skate Talk

Jimmy Pelletier’s Skate Talk Podcast was initially started in 2013. He brought it back a few months ago; and it’s something that should definitely be on your radar if it’s not already. The show focuses on the Washington D.C. scene, and the history at Pulaski Park. The latter is one of the last of skateboarding’s classic U.S. plazas that’s still standing, which makes this oral history even more significant. We’ve embedded Carlos Kenner and Jim Gordy’s episodes below. Head over to Full Service Radio to check out more. Also, Quim Cardona will be be interviewed on the show tomorrow. We’ll update when that’s available for streaming, and continue to add key episodes to this post as they release.

UPDATE 02.22.20: The Quim Cardona episode of Skate Talk dropped yesterday evening. Check it out below if you haven’t already.