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Galleria Continua Unveils Avant Garde Skate Space

Skateboarding, fine art, and architecture intersect once again with the introduction of Galleria Continua’s experimental skate space at its Boissy-le-Châtel location in France. Created by MBL architects and Bureau D. Apheceix, the structure is designed to seamlessly blend into the surrounding landscape. The Carhartt WIP team sampled the terrain during several trips captured by Maxime Verret and Romain Batard. The resulting stills and video are currently being exhibited  at the gallery under the title CONCRETE CATHEDRAL. Carhartt WIP also released a capsule collection featuring 3D renderings of the site, which are available now both in-store and online.

Images Via Carhartt WIP


Watch the Monster Euro Tour Episode 1

Monster Energy drops the first Episode of the Monter Euro Tour on their YouTube channel. It features the first three stops of the tour: Bristol, Hamburg, and Berlin.

Ishod Wair, Nyjah Huston, Gabriel Fortunato, Aurelien Giraud, and the rest of the Monster Crew jammed with the locals and enlivened the cities’ local skate spots.

The Monster Euro Tour kicked off in May and the last stop is set in September.

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Who are the Winners of the Copenhagen Open 2022?

Copenhagen open is one of the most anticipated skateboarding events. This year, Nyjah Huston took the top spot in Skatepark Men. Jamie Foy and Felipe Gustavo came in second and third place respectively.

Keet Oldenbeuving from Netherlands won the Skatepark Women. Funa Nakayama from Japan came in second, and Hayley Wilson from the UK placed third.

Here is the list of the winners for other events in the CPH Open.

  • Rune’s Bowl-Kieran Woolley
  • The Red Plaza – Heitor Da Silva
  • Prison Session- Dashawn Jordan

Started in 2007, CPH Open has grown to be one of the most anticipated international skateboarding events attracting fans from all over the world.

CPH Open moves around to multiple locations each day. This year, the sessions and official events were held in the following sites: Under Broen- a skate bowl that’s literally under the bridge, Nørrebro, the Red Plaza, Vridsløselille Prison-a former penitentiary, and the Copenhagen Skatepark.

Catch a glimpse of what went down in this year’s CPH open below.

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Watch How Old Decks Transformed into Custom Benches in this Video

Watch Welcome Skate Shop staff and their friends turn old decks into custom benches in this video released by Vans as part of their efforts to promote artists and creativity. Welcome Skate Shop is based in Leeds, UK.

What’s great about this bench is that you can remove the top (the one made with old decks) and now you have a skateable bench. It has storage too so you have a place for your new skateboards or whatever needs storing.

A skateboarder may need to replace their decks in a few months to a year, depending on how hard they grind and how often they ride. Probably millions of skateboards are discarded each year and most of them end up in landfills.

This is just one of the ways worn-out decks can be repurposed. There are also initiatives to recycle and repurpose old wheels to keep them out of landfills.



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