Muska Wants Campbell to Take His Spot in Hall of Fame

Chad Muska is slated to be inducted into Skateboarding’s Hall of Fame this year. But in an extremely classy and unprecedented move, he is bowing out with the hopes that Kareem Campbell will be inducted in his place. We actually pointed out the travesty of Kareem not being honored by the Hall of Fame yet back in January. Hopefully the powers that be will take notice and make this happen. Read Muska’s statement below. 

With great thought, I would like to announce that I am respectfully declining my induction into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame this year.

I believe there is a global awakening taking place; and I find it only right to also respectfully suggest that you allow Kareem Campbell to take my place.

I know Kareem would have made it in the Hall of Fame without this suggestion. But I truly believe that now is the time to show the world the racial boundaries that skateboarding, especially street skateboarding, breaks.

I have traveled this world my entire life connecting with the most beautiful, yet insanely diverse, group of humans called skateboarders. Our industry needs to celebrate and better represent this diversity in our institutions, business, and media.

In no way is this an attack on the Skateboarding Hall of Fame or any other media outlet. It’s just something I truly believe will be positive for the image of skateboarding, and this world.

Kareem Campbell was such an influence and mentor to me. Although I am not black, hip hop culture has always been a major part of my life. Kareem was one of the first skaters that felt like he was one of my friends, and not some untouchable pro. But he just happened to be the best skater in the world!

The music he put in his videos; the team of skaters he formed; the shoes he designed; and the companies he built were the blueprint for everything that I went on to do.

It is only right that Kareem is inducted before me.

Image Via Chad Muska