UPDATE: Def Jam to Honor 35 Years of Iconic Photography

Def Jam has produced some of music’s most iconic photography during its 35-year history. Its celebrating this incredible legacy with a new docuseries which focuses on three of its primary contributors. Part 1 of Through The Lens will premier on the label’s YouTube channel on April 10, and will tell the story of Ricky Powell. Episodes spotlighting Janette Beckman and Jonathan Mannion will follow on the 16th and 23rd, respectively. Check out the trailers released yesterday above and below for a glimpse of what’s to come. We’ll update with the full episodes as they become available.

UPDATE 06.28.20: Ricky Powell, who some consider the godfather of street photography, is the focus of Episode 2. He’s responsible for some of the most iconic photos captured in New York’s downtown scene during the ’80s. Learn how Powell’s eye played into early Def Jam above.

UPDATE 06.23.20: We’ve been waiting for this for months. So it’s a bit ironic that we slept on Janette Beckman’s deubut episode of Through The Lens when it premiered on Friday. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for the next installment.