Chico Brenes Talks Leaving Chocolate & Retirement on BS with TG

A few months ago, Chico Brenes shocked skateboarding by announcing that he was leaving Chocolate. Given his recent output, you could only assume that Brenes had another offer on the table. Based on his conversation with Tommy Guerrero on the latest episode of BS with TG, that doesn’t appear to be the case. He breaks down why he left Chocolate and talks about retirement from professional skateboarding starting at 10:13.

I feel like the communication got lost [with Chocolate] after 24 years. And I feel like they weren’t doing anything for me that I can’t do for myself. I didn’t want to wake up three or four years from now and still be in that same position. What I realized is that this might be it for me. Once that sunk in, it was easy to make the decision. I’m happy with the career that I had. I’m blessed to have had such a great career. 

You’ve gotta tip your hat to Cheeks for going out on top, and filming his upcoming part just for the love of it.

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