Chico Brenes Parts Ways With Chocolate After a 24-Year Run

The past few weeks have been a volatile time for team changes in the skateboard industry. Chico Brenes just announced via Instagram that he is ending his 24-year relationship with Chocolate. He was the brand’s founding member. Chico is known to be one of the most on-point veterans in skateboarding, and hints at a new project in his IG post below. He popped up in Palace’s “Normcore” edit out of nowhere last month, and his connection with Daewon Song and Torey Pudwill goes back to the DVS days. Let the speculation begin on where the Cheeks will end up next.

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1994/2018 I still remember 1993 being in the parking lot with my bags packed ready to embark on the Girl tour that summer. Although I wasn’t on the team, these guys were all my friends so I wanted to come a long for the ride. Unfortunately when everyone took their seat in the van there wasn’t any room left for me, so I had no choice but to stay behind. But that was alright, because what came the year after In 1994? was easily some of the best years in skateboarding and my life. Unfortunately even some of the best things have to come to an end. My time has come to move on from Chocolate Skateboards, I want to thank Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Megan Baltimore, Spike Jonze, Sam Smyth and my teammates past and present and the whole Girl and Chocolate skateboard family. I wish you all the best. I am much looking forward to the next phase of my skateboarding career, the future looks bright for skateboarding. Much Love and respect – Chico / 7by7 SF part still in the works. ????❤️

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Image Via DVS