Chima Reveals Dustin Dollin’s Duality in SOLO Interview

Considering their shared Australian heritage, and that they were housemates for six years in L.A., Chima is a prime candidate for Dustin Dollin’s SOLO issue. The German skate mag released its interview with the Real and Vans pro online yesterday. It confirms that there is more to Dollin than his rowdy exterior.

How was living with Dustin?

There is the skateboarder Dustin Dollin and there is the human Dustin Dollin, and that’s who I know. It worked for him. He’s marketing himself with the Piss Drunx image. You’ll be in the van with him before a demo and it’s all good, and you’ll get out and all the kids are screaming and he’s then fucked up. It’s what the kids want to see. He knows how to sell his image. People would always ask me, “How the fuck do you live with him, he’s crazy,” but it was not like that at all. He’s so well domesticated. He taught me, “The house has always got to be clean, clean up after yourself, and be respectful.” At home, he’s a great cook and he’s got lovely conversation. He’ll send me lists of movies to watch. Everyone has two sides.

If the Piss Drunx lifestyle is just an act, Dollin may be one of the greatest performance artists of our time. Read the rest of the interview here.

Image Via Thomas Robinson / SOLO