Read Josh Kalis’s John Shanahan Thrasher Interview Online

To coincide with his part—which you’ve likely watched a couple of times by now—Thrasher released Josh Kalis’s John Shanahan interview from the  November ’20 issue online. Having the master interview the pupil is a dope idea. And some interesting info is revealed, including the below tidbit about Shanahan’s forthcoming jeans brand.

Yeah, that’s cool. What else has been cracking? You’re doing a jeans company, right?

Yeah, Pangea jeans. I just felt like I wanted to design my own stuff and have my own freedom to do whatever I want clothing-wise. So it’s just a little side project; it’s like a hobby.

You had anything come out yet?

We did a couple t-shirts and I’m getting hats made, then I’m getting the jeans made but it’s kind of a process. Hopefully I’ll have jeans within a month or two.

Those will be cool. I’m sure they’ll be dope with the Shanahan-inspired designs. You always got some pretty cool shit you’re working on, cutting and pasting and doing all that stuff.

Thank you. Yeah, I’m pretty stoked to have this little project to get me hyped on skating and stuff, too.

Read the full piece here.

Image Via Thrasher