Chris Shonting Tells His Story in Rare Podcast Interview

If you followed Patrick O’Dell’s Epicly Later’d blog before it became a part of Vice’s platform, then you should be familiar with Chris Shonting under his Maute Bol alias. Shonting hails from Rhode Island, made his way to New York during the old Max Fish era, and is a contemporary of Leo Fitzpatrick and Bill Strobeck. Whether you know it or not, you are likely familiar with his photography via campaigns shot for Supreme, and various other editorial and commercial projects over the years.

Manute’s story is intertwined with New York skate culture, and its intersection with culture at large. It’s a theme that we often like to explore on this site, and don’t recall coming across an interview with Shonting on the topic previously. So this new 45-minute Q&A is a welcomed treat. Listen in below.

Image Via Chris Shonting