Tom Knox Is Set to Release His First Part in 4 Years

Between Atlantic Drift, New Balance Numeric, and a couple of mini documentaries, there has been ample Tom Knox coverage since Isle released his debut part in Vase in 2015. Knox’s discography is about to get a major update in the form of a new Jacob Harris collaboration that’s been years in the making. And, from the sounds of his new interview with Grey, it should be dropping soon.

While you’ve been filming for the Atlantic Drift edits, you’ve also been filming / saving lots of stuff with Jacob for your own part, which is out soon. Am I right in thinking this part was how the whole Atlantic Drift project started?

Well initially Jake and I were going to start filming another part (after Vase), then Tony (Vitello, Thrasher) hit up Jake seeing if he wanted to start a series loosely based around me. We wanted to film stuff for the episodes and save bits for a part but I got injured a lot that year. When I could skate, I was just trying to make sure I had footage for the next episode. I’d film some stuff then get hurt again, so the part just got put on ice. By the time I finally got on a healthy streak, me and Jake were both travelling so much there just weren’t many opportunities to film. We only had a couple weeks in London here and there. It’s hard to work on a part that way, but

I think we made it work. In the last year we’ve had some good patches so we stacked up.

You described being anxious about your new part because it’s your first in four years, which I think would surprise a lot of people.

It’s always scary when you put something out, especially if it’s just you. Lots of things have changed since my last part. When I was filming for Vase it was so instinctive. Jake and me were super focused, always in London and without many distractions. For this part we’ve had to force it a little more at times, but that’s just both of us getting older and having other responsibilities. To some extent that makes it more satisfying. We’re sitting on a full part we’re both happy with.

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Image Via Henry Kingsford