Andrew Allen Says A Hockey Full-Length May Be Coming Soon

Andrew Allen is low-key one of the most productive pros in skateboarding. Chrome Ball Incident delves into his numerous career highlights in its latest interview. In addition to waxing poetic on the past, Allen reveals what may be coming down the pipeline once the quarantine is over. Apparently, there have been talks of making Hockey 4 a full-length. With the addition of Nik Stain to the squad, and Caleb Barnett being one of our current favorites, this is exciting news to say the least.

Is there talk of a full-length FA/Hockey video at all?

There is talk of a full-length Hockey video. It would be Hockey 4but with parts from everybody this time to make it bigger than the previous ones. It’s just hard to get us all on the same program. Everybody has these other obligations, but it’s definitely something we’ve been talking about. And I would be beyond stoked to get that in the works. The current state of the world raises some questions, but we’ll see what happens.

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Image Via Vans