How Dick Rizzo Got Drafted by Quasi as a Debut Am

Dick Rizzo burst onto the scene seven years ago via Bronze’s Solo Jazz. Since then, he’s traveled the world with HUF, gone pro for Quasi, and carved out a spot for himself at Vans. Quasi is an interesting story. The Jersey native was handpicked by Chad Bowers as one of the company’s debut ams alongside his childhood friend, Josh Wilson. Rizzo breaks it all down in a new interview published by VHS Mag this morning.

V: You got flowed from Chocolate after that. How did that happen?

R: Daniel Wheatley was team manager for Chocolate at the time and hit me up shortly after Solo Jazz came out.

V: It would’ve been awesome to see an East Coast skater like you on Chocolate. What happened with them?

R: Chocolate was rad, HUF was flying me out to LA and on trips at this time too. And I got to meet, and be a part of some things happening with Chocolate. There was talk of getting the bump up to am status. But I got a phone call from Chad Bowers at Quasi, which at the time was in its early stages, and still called Mother. He was really hyped on my skating and wanted me to be a part of what he was trying to make. The original team was just Jake Johnson, Gilbert Crockett, and Tyler Bledsoe; and these guys were my favorite skaters. And then, there was talk of getting Josh involved; and I knew it had to be done.

For more on Rizzo’s come-up, head over to VHS to read the full interview.

Image Via VHS Mag