Chris Miller Talks Life After Pro Skating With Chrome Ball

Chrome Ball Incident just posted one of its extensive interviews with the legendary Chris Miller. Complete with an intro by Brian Lotti, it’s a thorough examination of Miller’s entire career. If you were a fan of Planet Earth, you’ll definitely want to check it out. After many phases in his career, which included quite a few wins at the Vans Combi contests, Miller breaks down what life looks like for him post any form of professional skating.

So what’s going on with you these days, Chris? Anything in the works? Skated the new Combi?

You know what? I have not skated the new Combi. Honestly, I’ve heard mixed reviews.

I’m living in Ojai now. I moved up north because I wanted to get into a more mellow environment. I have a creative agency called MODV Group and I do design work and brand consulting through that. And I’m a cofounder of a clothing brand called Vuori Clothing. I don’t work there day-to-day or anything, but I’m involved with that and a few other projects. I just work from home now on different things.

Skating-wise, I still love skateboarding but I’m happy to be skating more recreationally and infrequently now. I’m just not trying to skate at a personal high level anymore. I mean, I still want to skate and feel good about it. I’ll do some ollies at the park and float around a bit. But I’m not trying to put together a contest run and go for the gold anymore.

That stuff was cool, but I think I’m probably done with it.

Head over to Chrome Ball Incident to read the entire piece.

Image Via Grant Brittain