Matt Rodriguez Breaks Down the End of I-Path in New Chrome Ball Interview

Had I-Path continued on its original trajectory and retained Timberland’s resources, there’s no telling where it would be today. Unfortunately, that’s not the way things unfolded. What was an integral part of skateboarding in the mid aughts is now a fading memory. Matt Rodriguez gives an insider’s perspective on how it all ended in the latest Chrome Ball interview.

A bunch of people ended up leaving. I tried to hang in there a little longer, until he eventually cut Freddy and Kenny Reed. He started offering everybody left on the team these scumbag rates that weren’t really anything, and then he took that money to sign Manny Santiago and some other Street League guy for 4 or 5 grand a month? What a fucking idiot. He could’ve kept the team as it was with all that money. We would’ve gladly stayed and rode it out for a thousand dollars a month. But because those guys are in Street League, you think that’s gonna help? I was done.

“Keep your fucking money, bro. But good luck. You’re gonna need it.”

I quit. And less than two months later, that shit was done.

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Image Via Chrome Ball Incident