Mikey Alfred Takes Shots at Spike Jonze & Jonah Hill in Radio Interview

It appears that Mikey Alfred has fallen out with his Tinseltown mentors. He takes shots at both Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill in the above interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood from last week. While he doesn’t go into detail about what caused the riff, it must have been something serious for him to air this out on such a large platform. The nationally syndicated radio program reaches millions of listeners weekly.

I did want to tell one story before we sign off. Just talking about that right now, it made me think of one thing. Spike Jonze, you know who he is? He’s someone that I don’t fuck with. He’s an older Hollywood guy that I thought was cool as fuck; and that I looked at as a mentor type. As I got closer, it was like, “Wow, fuck you.” If I’m being real with you, it’s Jonah [Hill] too. Both of those guys, I’m not fans of them.

The mudslinging starts at 44:10.

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