Chrome Ball Delves Into Robbie McKinley’s Illustrious History

Robbie McKinley might be the most renowned skater to never turn pro. Considering their shared history, it’s a bit strange that Crob hasn’t had him on The Nine Club. But knowing Bob, and we know him well—shoutout to Canale, Mackenzie, and the rest of the homies from our West L.A days, he likely declined an invitation to talk on camera for hours. Fortunately, text-based interviews are still a thing. Chops handles business to the fullest in his latest bit of Chrome Ball Q&A.

There’s been some talk of regret in this interview, but is that really how you look back on your career? Because even though you never went pro, you were able to accomplish some amazing things in skateboarding. I hope you recognize the positives, too.

Oh yeah, I think that I was able to accomplish a lot during my time. I got on the best companies and was able to put out some really great things… like my Listen part. And just being able to live as a skater. Traveling and seeing the world, that’s amazing. I got paid to do the shit I love. The lifestyle and accomplishing certain goals, I’m proud of that, man.

I mean, just getting on Girl back then was an accomplishment. That was huge for me. And then being able to travel with those dudes was awesome. Skating around and all the times we shared. The food. Just the whole experience. That’s something I’ll always treasure. You can’t buy something like that.

Yeah, don’t take any of this the wrong way, I’m happy, man. I’m proud of all I was able to accomplish over the years.

Take a trip down memory lane here.

Image Via Girl