Silas Baxter-Neal Talks Putting the Skating First in New Interview

Silas Baxter-Neal has amazing sponsors, an SOTY trophy, and a career that’s spanned nearly two decades. He’s accomplished all of this while being one of the more low-key pros in the industry, and has always shied away from the tacky gimmicks that can sometimes accompany marketability. Silas breaks down his ethos when it comes to navigating his skate career in the latest interview from the Chrome Ball Incident.

I’m just a pretty plain person. I don’t have some overly flamboyant personality and I’m not super into fashion. I don’t have any of the sorts of things that might make me stand out, per se. Because that kind of stuff just isn’t important to me. It all comes down to the skating. That is what’s important. And that’s what I’ve tried to take seriously. What should always stand out in the forefront are the tricks and how you do them. I really do think it’s that simple.

If I want to keep on doing this, living this life that I love with skating as a career, then it’s the skating that I need to focus on. That is done by skating hard and having fun. The rest of it doesn’t matter.

Head over to Chrome Ball to read the entire piece.

Image Via Will Harmon