Eli Gesner Releases Posthumous Keith Hufnagel Interview

In memory of Keith Hufnagel, Eli Gesner released his Uproxx interview with the HUF founder from last year. We could listen to these legendary New Yorkers talk for days, which is bittersweet being that this may be Keith’s final on-camera appearance. There are tons of great stories nestled in here. Our favorite part is the below insight on growing up skating in the city.

That’s half my childhood, watching my back. Am I gonna get robbed right now? That’s why I think the skateboard was a little easier. No one was stealing skateboards. We used to take the L Train all the way to Canarsie. We used to open the seats, put our skateboards in there, and close them. It was the last stop. So you could just get up, and take your skateboard. Dudes would come on the train, and start fucking with you. And you’d have to put your head down and be like, “Come on, just go away.” You’re in the fucking hood. I haven’t gone to my therapist in a long time. But that’s half of the shit that I talk about when I go there—how gnarly New York City was growing up.

Watch the interview above. The quoted passage starts at 18:25.

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