RZA Gives the Best Pandemic Advice That We’ve Heard Thus Far

RZA has pretty much reached guru status at this point. Nearly 30 years after the release of Wu-Tang’s debut album, he’s still dropping valuable knowledge. COVID-19 has proved to be the great equalizer in that no matter who you are, we’re all pretty much affected equally by it. RZA is no different, and offers some fantastic advice during his recent appearance on Desus & Mero on how to utilize the downtime while we wait for things to return to normal.

That’s how I look at life. I just try to grab what’s important. Even right now, the whole world is going through this pandemic. People have to recognize what is important. Whatever that is, keep that close to you—nurture that. Hopefully when we get outside [of] our arc, and back into the world, those things that you preserve become the things that are fruitful, and multiply for the rest of your life.

Watch the extended interview above. The bit about the pandemic starts at 4:30.

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