Elijah Berle Reveals New Vans Part Directed by Greg Hunt

A Brief Glance just released a new interview with Elijah Berle in support of his new shoe. During the Q&A, the FA and Vans pro mentions that he’s working on a new part to coincide with his shoe campaign that’s being produced by Greg Hunt. Being that the Berle Pro is out now, we’re assuming that we’ll be seeing this forthcoming effort soon. We’ll update when more details are available on when this will be released.

I am working on a video part with Greg Hunt at the moment for my shoe campaign. I went on a FA trip recently because I hadn’t been on one since I got on the team, so I needed to get out there with those guys. Boys of Summer is a collection of clips filmed on phones over the past couple years, while we were out and about skating.

Head over to A Brief Glance to read the rest of the piece.

Image Via Vans