Sean Pablo Talks Passing on ‘Mid90s’ & a Supreme Solo Part

Sean Pablo’s episode of The Bunt hit the internet this morning. He drops a couple of gems during the interview that we weren’t aware of regarding taking a hard pass on playing Ray in Mid90s, and an upcoming solo part for Supreme that he’s getting started on with Bill Strobeck.

I was gonna be in that Mid90s movie. But that didn’t end up happening. I kind of just fumbled at that one. Jonah [Hill] asked me to do that. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do it. I was busy filming for the Supreme video. And I was getting anxious about getting made fun of, basically. So I ended up kind of ghosting Jonah. I feel bad. Sorry, Jonah. Jonah is actually a really nice person. And he’s very smart. It was actually a really good movie… I was supposed to play Na-Kel’s character. But he was so good in it. I think he was way better than I would have been. So it worked out. [25:56]

[I’m] Hopefully gonna work on another video with Bill [Strobeck]. I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about that; but I think we’re trying to do another Supreme video, like a solo part kind of thing. [59:29]

Listen to the entire interview above.