Erik Brunetti Explains the Significance of FUCT’s Supreme Court Case

With the verdict of Erik Brunetti’s Supreme Court battle to trademark FUCT expected in June, he breaks down exactly what it will mean for him and other brands in a new interview published by Jenkem this afternoon. Whichever way it goes, it’s going to define what can and can’t be trademarked moving forward. It will also cement FUCT in history as a point of reference in the U.S. legal system, which is a brilliant marketing play in and of itself.

I know you tried to trademark FUCT but it was rejected by the government and now the case is being taken up by the Supreme Court. How will the outcome of the case affect your brand or other brands moving forward?

Well, if I win the case—the verdict comes in June—I’ll be able to shut down the tremendous amount of bootlegging that’s been happening for years. It will also enable me to eventually sell the brand if I so choose. In regards to other brands, it’s going to allow Jason Dill to register his brand [Fucking Awesome]. Therefore he’d be able to expand from where they already are, for example.

Do you think you will win the case?

Yeah. I would say 9/10.

For more on Brunetti and FUCT, head over to Jenkem to read the entire interview.

Image Via Alessandro Barthlow / Jenkem