UPDATE: Jason Dill Talks Intervention, an FA Store, & Life in Ventura in GQ Profile

GQ just published a new profile on Jason Dill that fills in the blanks on what’s been going on with him over the past several years. Key events include: a relapse, an intervention, and a move to Ventura. It also reveals that Fucking Awesome plans on opening a flagship store in West Hollywood later this year.

Now, as he settles into his role as a wizened elder—complete with a raucous and sometimes dangerous history behind him—for the first time in his life and career, he has a job and real responsibility. The streetwear brand he started with his friend Mike Piscitelli back in the early 2000s, Fucking Awesome, has grown into a fully realized, globally recognized skate and clothing company. This year, Fucking Awesome is planning to open its first shop, in West Hollywood. The company remains fully independent, owned entirely by Dill, Piscitelli, and a third partner, pro skater and longtime friend Anthony Van Engelen (also known as AVE).

Head over to GQ to read all of the juicy details.

UPDATE 05.01.19: It looks like the FA store will be opening on May 11 in Hollywood.

Image Via Michael Schmelling / GQ